Fruit Sale

The time for our annual fruit sale is upon us!  Your students should be out in the community selling on the streets they signed up for on Saturday, September 18th.  All the documents that were passed out to your children this past Wednesday (9/15) can be found in the links below.  These documents should answer most of your questions.

On Monday, September 20th your group should bring in their large white envelope that was given to them on Wednesday.  Inside should be the order form that will have all their orders from Saturday (this order form came home inside the envelope) and all the payment for the sales made over the weekend.  Make sure this payment amount is correct because the kids are responsible for all their sales being accounted for and in the envelope.

BUT Saturday (9/20) is just the kickoff date for our sale though!  Each student will be able to sell until November 17, 2021 when all final orders are due.  In the packet that they received on Wednesday (9/15) they were all given individual sales sheets in addition to the group order form.  This way everyone can continue to sell after they turn in the form from the group envelope.  I hope this helps with any confusion.  Please bookmark and come back to this page for additional info. 

Thanks for helping in one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!!